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Research on Black Homeschooling

BFHES was started by two Black homeschool researchers conferring during the planning for our book project on Black homeschooling. Our mission is to provide ongoing community engagement regarding Black homeschooling through (1) the publication of scholarly and trade work on the topic, and (2) the production of community events targeting black homeschool familites and entrepreneurs engaged in the practice of black homeschooling. We invite Black researchers on the topic of Black homeschooling to submit manuscripts on their research for publication.

Virtual  Homeschooling Community

BFHES presents an annual Virtual Teach-In where we feature dozens of homeschool practitioners, researchers and educational consultants sharing valuable guidance on how to develop a fruitful homeschooling family practice.In addition, we maintain a burgeoning community of homeschool educators via Facebook. As of this writing, the group has surpassed 1800 members since its start in July 2020. We also have a growing archive of content on our YouTube channel and regularly engage through online spaces such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Black Homeschooling is on the Rise!

A recent US Census Report indicated that Black homeschooling families have increased from 3-5% of homeschooling families before 2020 to 16% of homeschooling families during the first year of the COVID-19 global health pandemic. Listen to our podcast as we discuss issues related to black families homeschooling, including the recent rise.


Testimonials About the BFHES Virtual Teach-In

"I loved the music playlist - it was amazing. I like the group chat categories, and I enjoyed all the coffee talk presentations!"

2021 BFHES Virtual Teach-In Participant

Homeschooling parent from Wisconsin

"I enjoyed the chat and connecting with other black homeschoolers. I gained an online teaching job and some podcast contacts from these connections. I also enjoy seeing what others are doing within the black homeschool community."

2021 BFHES Virtual Teach-In Participant

Homeschooling parent from Texas

"...I am recommending the teach-in to others because more Black families are interested. Some feel forced to homeschool under COVID-19 and inconsistent school policies. BFHES showcases homeschooling, as a natural part of family values and growth."

2021 BFHES Virtual Teach-In Participant

Homeschooling parent from Washington, D.C.

This Coffee Talk panel was presented during the 2021 Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars Virtual Teach-In.

Read Research on Black Homeschooling

Dr. Fields-Smith’s research interests include family engagement and homeschooling among Black families. Her dissertation explored family engagement from the perspective of 22 Black middle class families. Later, she received a Spencer Foundation Grant to conduct a two-year study focused on homeschooling among 46 Black families. From this study Dr. Fields-Smith has published several journal articles and chapters, which among them include the first empirically-based publication to focus exclusively on Black homeschool families. She is author of the book, Exploring Single Black Mothers' Resistance Through Homeschooling. Her research on homeschooling among Black families has most recently been featured in a PBS NewsHour report and the Atlantic.See her publications here.

Dr. Ali-Coleman's research interests include Black homeschooling, college readiness, community college access and education innovations. Her dissertation study, Dual Enrolled African American Homeschooled Students Perceptions of Preparedness for Community College, was published in 2020. Her research and academic analysis on Black homeschooling and higher education have been featured in the Journal of Higher Education Politics & Economics and the book Afrofuturism in Black Panther: Gender, Identity and the Remaking of Blackness.