Bernetta Reese

B. Reese Enterprises

Bernetta Reese is a homeschooling parent and the President and CEO of B.Reese Enterprises. With over 20 years of public service, she’s worked with nearly every U.S. Cabinet-level department and has been a guest speaker across the nation's capital. She has also worked with homeschool families, public schools, universities, youth programs, and more. She served as Vice President of Undergraduate Affairs for the University System of Maryland Student Council and as Executive Chair of the University of Maryland Global Campus Student Advisory Council. She now serves on the Alumni Advisory Board.

Andrea Hall

EPIC Homeschool Network

Andrea Hall is the founder and executive director of EPIC Homeschool Network and a homeschooling mom of three kids. She started off homeschooling other people’s kids in 2008, graduating one to High School. She then started homeschooling her own children in 2012. In addition to homeschooling, she is a certified math educator who teaches and tutors mathematics. Andrea knows what it’s like to feel anxious, unfocused, and overwhelmed. She brings her wealth of knowledge as a busy, working, homeschooling mom to provide support and clarity to other families in their homeschooling journey.

Paula Penn-Nabrit

Morning by Morning: How We Home-Schooled Our African-American Sons to the Ivy League

I am a blessed person working to live a holistically healthy 3-D life. 
Holistically, I’m blessed as an 8th-generation, native-born American of the African diaspora. I’m blessed to be a widow who was happily married for 36 years, 8 months, and 22 days to an absolutely incredible man, Charles “CMadison” Nabrit, a man with an equally long lineage of resilience and excellence. CMadison and I were further blessed by the opportunity to parent and then homeschool our three fabulous sons to college. Our twins, Charles and Damon arrived in 1980 and went to Princeton. Our youngest son, Evan, arrived in 1982 and went to Amherst. 

Professionally, I continue to be blessed by decades of successful operation of my management consulting firm, PN&A, Inc., I’ve been blessed to write several books, including Morning by Morning: How We Home-Schooled Our African-American Sons to the Ivy League (Random House, 2003) and most recently The Power of a Virtuous Woman (2012). 

Melissa Bingham

Deschooling Issa Thing

Melissa has been on an unschooling journey for over four years, she was inspired to listen to her gut and unschool her children after being encouraged by some of the stories the deschooling community shared around decolonization of our minds. Melissa’s passion to pursue unschooling with her family stemmed from her own childhood experience of being homeschooled and the desire to support people of all ages on the rewarding journey of self-discovery into their natural talents and abilities. Melissa is also a facilitator with the Kokuroko Child Care and Learning co-op in Philadelphia.


Queen Taese

Liberated Minds

Queen Taese, also known as the Queen of Black Homeschooling, is an award-winning master educator for 25+ years, a 3 category bestselling author, international keynote speaker, curriculum developer, Black homeschool/educational consultant, and visionary who is a trailblazing businesswoman and homeschool mother for over 25 years. She has taught over 80,000 hours through homeschooling her own 7 children and countless others, as well as worked directly with over 50,000 Black children and families in diverse settings. Queen Taese is the founder of the Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Institute, which just celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Queen Taese was a speaker in the inaugural and 2nd annual BFHES Virtual Teach-Ins.

Adirah Aishet-Tsalmiel

Ujuzi Curriculum Consultants, LLC

Adirah Aishet-Tsalmiel has been an educator for learners of all ages for over 20 years. From preschoolers to university students, she is intentional about creating environments where learning is enjoyable and thought-stimulating. Starting with her own three sons she has homeschooled since birth, Adirah's love of teaching has spread to students around the world.  Adirah has earned a BS in Nutrition and Food Science from Hunter College and a Master of Arts in Teaching (Multiple Subjects) from the University of Southern California (USC).  Along with this formal training, her experiences as a world-schooling, single mom have given her a wealth of knowledge she is excited to share with you! Adirah was a speaker in the 2nd Annual BFHES Virtual Teach-In

Felicidy Flucas Edwards

Scholarship Time

Felicidy Flucas Edwards is a homeschooling mother who currently homeschools a high school senior (c/o 22). She is co-founder of Scholarship Time with her two children Zamya and Zamira.  Scholarship Time is an online class platform to assist in finding funding for college. Homeschooling high school senior Zamya has already received over $500,000 in merit scholarship funding from colleges/universities offering free rides. During her panel discussion, Felicity will share how this feat was done and what credentials were needed while also explaining why looking for scholarships seems so hard. She looks forward to sharing with homeschooling parents why each student's way of finding scholarship funding will be a different journey. 


Khadijah Ali-Coleman

Black Family Homeschool Educators & Scholars, LLC

Dr. Khadijah Ali-Coleman is founding director of Black Family Homeschool Educators & Scholars, LLC and co-editor of the book Homeschooling Black Children in the US: Theory, Practice & Popular Culture (IAP, 2022). She homeschooled her daughter off and on for 13 years and graduated her in 2021. Her daughter earned an associate's degree while homeschooling for high school and was offered over a half million dollars in scholarships from almost 20 colleges/universities. Dr. Ali-Coleman is grateful to have had the opportunity to homeschool her beloved daughter and has begun coaching parents who are homeschooling on a college pathway. She is the producer and host of the BFHES Virtual Teach-In, the podcast Contemporary Perspectives on Black Homeschooling and the podcast The Black Writer's Studio. 

Brenaea Fairchild

Melanin Village

As a lifelong learner and teacher, Brenaea worked in public schools and coached pre-service teachers prior to launching The Melanin Village. She knew she wanted to homeschool after her culminating undergraduate research at Princeton University highlighted the inaccurate portrayal of slavery and the Civil War in U.S. History textbooks. This research, coupled with her experience in education and her admiration of her mentors who homeschooled, fueled much of her desire to teach her children at home. The mother of two boys, one of her greatest joys in homeschool is teaching world languages, and as a trilingual, Brenaea immerses her children in both Spanish and French.

Khari Dawson

College Student, Formerly Homeschooled Student

Khari Dawson is a writer/filmmaker based in Maryland and currently a student at the University of San Francisco on full scholarship, studying English and Film. Her short film, We Are Ghosts, was commissioned by the John F. Kennedy Center's Young Audiences Theater for their Art Under a Minute series in 2021 while she earned her associate's degree at 17 while homeschooled for high school. She will share her experiences as a homeschooler with parents interested in engaging their learner in a self-directed learning journey.


Jade Weatherington

Teacher Jade

Jade Weatherington, M.Ed is a small business owner and homeschooling mother of one. She started her homeschool journey at the request of her daughter. In the process of figuring out how to homeschool as a single parent and work, she decided entrepreneurship was the path that would best serve her. She then turned her side hustle into a business. Weatherington has an eclectic worldschooling approach and loves helping families figure out how they can homeschool too. Jade was a speaker in the 2nd Annual BFHES Virtual Teach-In


Kendra Price

A Heart 4 Homeschool 

Kendra Price is a former public school science teacher turned homeschool mom to her four children ranging in ages from 9-18. Now in her eighth year of homeschooling, she is convinced that homeschooling is a realistic option for black families no matter their socioeconomic status or educational background. Homeschooling empowers parents and children to take ownership of their education, their well-being, and their futures. Kendra seeks to equip black homeschooling families with information and encouragement through sharing her experiences via her website and the experiences of other black homeschooling families through her A Heart 4 Homeschool Podcast. Kendra was a speaker in the 2nd Annual BFHES Virtual Teach-In

Jada Dixon

Dixon Strategies, LLC

Wife, mother of 3 and Co-Owner of Dixon Strategies, LLC. My background includes Entrepreneurship, Human Subject Research Administration (Past IRB Specialist) in a University setting, Past Children & Youth Worship Leader and Administrator, and Social and Civic Community service that focuses on Black/African American communities. This is my second year homeschooling. My degrees include BS (FAMU), MPH (FIU) & a MJ (Loyola University at Chicago School of Law). I am currently working on my Life Coach Certification.

Jae Carter

Homeschool Yo Kids App 

Former public school 12th grade English teacher. Currently homeschool my two little ladies, age 5 & 8. I recently launched a Homeschool app, "Homeschool Yo Kids".


Christal Gamble


Christal Gamble with her, 7 year old son, Cash, shares her experiences as a both a homeschooler and parent to a Gifted Learner on her social media platform, @Mamasweetbaby. Christal created the platform 5 years ago on Instagram as a way to share her unique point of view as a parent to a child that was doing things academically beyond his years with family and friends. Today, that same platform along with her blog, Facebook pages, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube channel provides support to any parent interested in Learning at Home, because the parent is the child’s first and most important teacher. She frequently shares free educational resources, events, competitions, curriculum reviews, books, as well as additional support specifically for Gifted and Diverse learners.

Arden Santana

SĀHGE Academy

Arden Santana is the primary educator of two daughters and serves families, nationally, as an educational consultant. Arden, along with her husband and daughters, founded SĀHGE Academy, a hybrid virtual learning center, in 2019. SĀHGE Academy is a solution to the problem of less than proficient literacy rates in civics among American students. Arden’s experiences as a public school teacher, an early child educator, and as a conscious participate in civic engagement influence the Academy’s educational philosophy. Arden enjoys reading, creating art with her daughters and fellowshipping with loved ones. Arden was a speaker in the 2nd Annual BFHES Virtual Teach-In


Jason Esters

Black Men Homeschool

Homeschool Father, College Professor, Education Activist, Podcast host of Black Men Homeschool. Jason was a speaker in the 2nd Annual BFHES Virtual Teach-In.


Victoria Platt

iElevate ME Inc

Victoria Platt is an Advanced Somatic Experiencing Therapist, an Innerlight Energy Balancing and Mindfulness Therapist, a Minister at Christ the Resurrected Church in Los Angeles and a certified Anusara Yoga Facilitator. Her wellness business, iElevate ME Inc., was created out of a Spirit driven urge to assist people in re-membering their minds, bodies and spirits, to experience more wholeness, joy and liberation in their lives.

M. Tonita Austin

Homeschooling Mom, Entrepreneur

I am a solo parenting writer, poet, singer, activist and mother of two twice exceptional teenagers - a 19 year old son and a 15 year old daughter. I am self employed and have owned my own business for 21 years. I live outside of Philadelphia, PA

Nichelle Nelson

Warp & Weft History

I am a veteran homeschool mom with 25+ years of experience. I hold an AA and BA in History and an MS.Ed in Multicultural Studies with an emphasis on Social Justice. I am the founder and CEO of Warp & Weft History, a virtual history education program. Nichelle was a speaker in the 2nd Annual BFHES Virtual Teach-In.

Akil Parker

All This Math

Akil Parker retired from the School District of Philadelphia in 2018 to grow and develop his math tutoring and educational consulting company, All This Math, LLC. He works diligently to empower youth through mathematics education.He worked in Philadelphia Public School classrooms as a math teacher for over 15 years, teaching courses ranging from pre-algebra to calculus, including state-standardized test prep and SAT/ACT prep.  His own children have inspired him to expand his mathematics teaching and tutoring beyond the classroom. Akil was a speaker in the 2nd Annual BFHES Virtual Teach-In and the BFHES New Year's Festival of Ideas.


Dionne Willis

Math Educator, Homeschooling mom

I am a math educator, homeschool mom, and passionate believer of creating our own standards for our own people. Dionne was a speaker in the 2nd Annual BFHES Virtual Teach-In.