The 2nd Annual Virtual BFHES Teach-In took place from Monday, July 19-23, 2021. It featured over 30 presentations by Black homeschooling parents, researchers, and education service providers, aimed at informing, inspiring, and engaging Black homeschooling families at various stages of their homeschooling practice.

Returning speakers included Homeschooling Guru Queen Taese, Unschooling Mom Zsudayka Terrell, NaConda Frank aka The Homeschool Whisperer, Self-Directed Learning Expert Maleka Diggs, Best-Selling Author LM Preston, Neuro-Diverse Homeschooling Mom Phyllis Asanyabi, and Researcher and Former Homeschooled Learner, Dr. Dannielle Joy Davis.

New presenters included (but were not limited to): Homeschool Entrepreneur Jade Weatherington, Unschooling Mom Evon Dennis, Homeschooling Coach Adirah Aishet-Tsalmiel, Learning Strategist Leroy Smith, and more.

BFHES co-founders Dr. Khadijah Ali-Coleman and Dr. Cheryl Fields-Smith led Q & A sessions throughout the week and presented their co-edited forthcoming book, "Homeschooling Black Children in the US: Theory, Practice & Popular Culture".

The teach-in community took place on a site designed specifically for this event, and sessions were streamed through Zoom. Below are recordings of selected teach-in sessions.