Why Did Black Families Homeschool in 2022?

396 respondents in a Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars, LLC
poll indicated in December 2022 the reasons they decided to homeschool in 2022.
Participants in the survey identified as parents of Black children in grades P-12.


9.6% indicated they started homeschooling because their child’s school was not providing

the learning experience they wanted their child to have.

62% indicated that they were homeschooling before 2022 and it had been an effective learning practice for their child.

16% said that they started homeschooling in 2022 because traditional school (public, private, charter) was not safe for their child.

4% said that they began homeschooling in 2022 because they finally had the time to begin

1% said that they had been on hiatus from homeschooling and had begun again in 2022


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