Getting Started Homeschooling

In the United States, every state has unique policies on how to get started legally on their homeschooling journey. We recommend that every family interested in beginning a homeschooling journey should do their appropriate research by learning what the laws are regarding homeschooling in their state. That should be your first and foremost effort before beginning.

The videos and blog posts below are offered as resources but should not be used in substitution of finding out from your state's education department about the policies in place regarding homeschooling. 

State laws are specific and just because you may know someone in Florida who homeschools one way does not mean that the process required to legally homeschool is the same in your state. Do your research!

1. Learn the Homeschool Policy in Your State

2. Learn More About the Black Homeschool Community as a Culture

3. Deschool and Learn Who Your Child Is As a Learner

4. Consider Writing a Mission Statement to Help You Get Started

Learn more tips on how to get started homeschooling by watching videos featuring Black homeschooling parents from our 2020 BFHES Virtual Teach-In and our 2021 BFHES Virtual Teach-In. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel. 

You can also get tips from Dr. Ali-Coleman by subscribing to her blog So Our Youth Aspire.