BFHES Virtual Teach-In

The Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars (BFHES) teach-in connects Black home educators & homeschool researchers to discuss pivotal issues impacting Black homeschooling families.

About this event

Black families have been homeschooling children long before COVID-19. However, the current global pandemic has brought homeschooling to the forefront of many conversations regarding the education of Black children. While homeschooling has often been approached from the perspective of white families who homeschool and several scholars who have attempted to set the tone for homeschooling in the U.S, the perspectives of Black homeschooling families and the researchers who center them in their research largely go ignored. 

The purpose of this teach-in is to bring together Black home educators and homeschool researchers to set our own agenda. The teach-in will bridge gaps between academia, policy and practitioner work related to Black homeschooling. This is an opportunity for scholars to share the data on Black homeschooling in layman's terms to make it accessible to families. This is an opportunity for Black homeschooling families to engage with one another to share perspectives, resources and other information necessary to build a viable network of home educators.

Who Attends:

Black homeschooling parents, educators who serve Black homeschooling families, Black researchers who center Black homeschooling families in their work and Black children and adults who have been homeschooled will all be part of this teach-in.


Black Homeschooling Matters

Since 2020, we have had over 50 Black homeschooling parents, students, researchers and practitioners present during our virtual teach-ins.